Should you consider to purchase Serta memory foam mattresses?

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A good mattress gives you a good sleep and a good mattress is made from a good foam. Memory foam mattresses are considered and hence we are providing you with a collective review after reading all the Serta memory foam mattress reviews released under the Perfect Sleeper and the iComfort series. The reason to release various models is to cater to each and every type of budget and consumer.

Positive aspects of Serta memory foam mattresses reviews:

Long warranty periods:

On purchase of any memory foam mattress model you get up to 20 years of warranty on the mattress. The warranty covers any manufacturing faulty like the workmanship, smelly foam etc. The covers and the handles are not included in warranty. 

Free Delivery and Financial plans:

You not only get free white glove delivery upon online purchase of any memory foam mattress but if you don’t want to pay the amount in one  go then you can also opt for some interest free finance planning. You can also purchase from promotion or online exclusives. 

Great motion isolation, noise reduction and edge support:

The motion transfer technology allows the consumers to change their positions seamlessly. Moreover the quality materials make it less squeaky and it also offers great edge support. When you are lying on edge you won’t fall down.

Firmness level:

The mattress offers the most ideal firm levels and it has been given a 7/10 score for it’s firmness. 

Keeps body temperature regulated:

The temperature regulation technology is really effective. It keeps the body temperature regulated and you may not find the need of constantly putting the blanket on and off.

Negative aspects of Serta memory foam mattress reviews:

Not reliable:

Although you can get a pretty good mattress which excels in almost all aspects except reliability. The mattress foam will get soft in just one or two years. Moreover the pressure relief will also worsen.

It takes time to adjust:

You have ordered your mattress and now you will be hoping that I would just get a good night’s sleep but that’s not the case. The mattress will take a couple of nights to get to your desired comfort, initially it will be too firm.

You will experience a chemical smell:

The mattress gives out a chemical smell due to the process of “Off gassing”. The smell will reduce with time but it will be quite strong for the first few days.

Warranty claim and support issues:

Some people have said that the support is non-cooperative. Moreover the warranty claim procedure is pretty lengthy and the pickup cost are expensive too.

It has sagging or sinking issue:

Some customers have said that the mattresses support is not the same. The mattress will lose support in the middle while it will stay firm on the sides.

In case you are still reluctant after the 2020 mattress reviews then you can opt for the 120 day home trial.

Good luck selecting your mattress